I want to be an advocate for Olmsted County, that you can be proud of to help represent your voice. Our county has a strong history of success in many areas. With an active role as a county commissioner, I look forward to helping add to this history of success. The fast changing state of the economy, which affects families, business owners, nonprofits and our citizens, needs leadership that has an active local interest and brings a fresh perspective of what the future can hold. My years of dedication and experience in business within Olmsted County will assist me with my role as County Commissioner. Please reach out to me at any time, as I would love to visit with you about my campaign.



Economic Recovery

It is apparent COVID has impacted our county significantly. For the next several years, we need to stay focused on the recovery for our community residents, businesses, and public safety. Responsible and progressive leadership is needed now, more than ever.

Human Services

One of the top priorities for our County is addressing the rising need for human services to be delivered in an effective and affordable way.

As a County Commissioner, it is a necessity to understand and act, to provide assistance to Veterans, individuals with disabilities, the homeless population, and other special interest groups.

Affordable Housing

As our county grows, so does the demand for affordable housing. Assisting the aging and socioeconomically challenged population needs to take precedence in our efforts of finding affordable and accessible housing.


Our County, City, and State are going through unprecedented times in many areas. As leaders, we need to be open to collaboration and creative thinking. With my involvement, I look forward to bringing a business oriented background and fresh proactive ideas to the County.

August 11, 2020

PRIMARY ELECTION: Voting for offices having more than two candidates to decide who is eligible for General election.

October 6, 2020

VIRTUAL TOWN HALL: Join us on Med City Beat

November 3, 2020

GENERAL ELECTION: General Election Voting for all offices
What does the County do?
ELECTIONS: Voter registration, election judge, campaign results, and more.
RECORDS & LICENSING: Certificates, passports, license, permits, and more.
HUMAN SERVICES: Foster care, adoption, veterans, disabilities, homelessness, and more.
ASSISTANCE: Food, medical, energy, rental assistance and more.
COMMUNITY SAFETY: Law, enforcement, courts, crime prevention, victim services, and more.
PROPERTY, LANDS, & ROADS: Assessments, construction, transportation building, well/septic, and more.
HEALTH & ENVIROMENT: Mental health, WIC Nutrition, chemical dependency, garbage recycling, parks, and more.
LIVING: Oxbow Park, Chester Woods, Root River Park, History Center, trails, camping, fishing and more.