My roots of experience with business ownership started with my father buying a small business that he managed since its inception. He purchased this business in 2000, from his mentor, a local business man. He continues to own and operate this business. I also watched him work on several side businesses as I grew up.These businesses helped supplement the family income as the business was growing. These businesses included taxidermy and portable signs.

My mother has been an educator for 30 years. I have been able to observe her being a successful educator for my entire life. Both of my parents' dedication to their careers and family have been an inspiration to me and others. I have one younger sister who now manages the family business, with my parents help and guidance.

Growing up in Rochester Minnesota, I have always had a love for our city and our county. I feel very fortunate that my family chose to reside here. My entire school experience has been in the Rochester Public School System. I graduated from Century High School in 2008. Shortly after high school, I started my career in business by starting a lawn care company.

Over the years, my passion for business has continued to develop and grow into my current business, Realty Growth Inc., as a Commercial Real Estate sales and leasing agent. I became a partner at the firm in 2015 and I am a leader within this company. My key role is to advise business owners who are growing or selling their business. During my business career, I have experienced first hand, successes and failures. This has allowed me to have real life opportunities to gain knowledge.

The past several years, I have been very involved in the Olmsted County community by serving on the Rochester Area Family YMCA Board. I have assisted to activate commercial spaces with art events and exhibits, and volunteered for activities in downtown Rochester, such as Thursdays Downtown. I have continually helped small business owners become a part of our great community.

I I have personally renovated, managed, and owned properties in Olmsted County since 2010. I have worked with individuals moving from sober living environments to apartments, young professionals coming to Rochester to find a new home or business location and have assisted young families going through life changes, to find a peaceful place to call home.

My passion for helping the community and the individuals that reside in Olmsted County has led to many success stories of entrepreneurs getting started on the right foot in business. These first hand opportunities demonstrate how I can bring real life experiences to the table of the county commissioners.

I want to be a leader and advocate for Olmsted County because it has shown so much potential. I want to be a part of its continued development. I want Olmsted County to become the best county in the state. The fast changing state of the economy, which affects families, business owners, nonprofits and our citizens, needs leadership that has an active local interest and brings a fresh perspective of what the future can hold. My years of dedication and experience in Olmsted County will assist me with my role as County Commissioner. I look forward to working with community members, all county staff members and especially the board of commissioners to make everyone proud and happy to be part of Olmsted County.